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Lizard poacher caught

Saturday February 19, 2011
One of Thailand's most prolific lizard poachers has been arrested with hundreds of water monitor lizards destined for Chinese dinner plates.

Abalone Poacher Escapes Moves For Tougher Penalties

Saturday November 15, 2008
ABALONE poacher Peter Badans was ordered to pay $12,000 in fines and costs yesterday - but the Shellharbour man can consider himself lucky.

They'll Go Nuts Over Romario

Saturday September 23, 2006
ROMARIO, Romario, wherefore art thou Romario? If the quest for 1000 career goals brings the colourful Brazilian to the A-League, age will not have wearied him, nor the years condemned. After the A-League bigwigs said no to Stan Collymore, it remains to be seen if the 40-year-old goal poacher will make a cameo appearance in Australia. After having won a World Cup, as well as playing for some of the biggest football clubs in both Europe and South America, the little one has slid down the ladder in ...

Forest Poacher To Feed Winter Fires

Wednesday May 31, 2006
SOME of Victoria's oldest and coldest citizens will feel a warm glow this winter after the prosecution of the state's biggest firewood poacher. The record haul of 89 cubic metres of timber, illegally removed from the Lyell State Forest by Graeme John Abbott, 53, will be distributed to pensioners, the elderly and the disadvantaged.

A World That's Free Of Dogma

Sunday April 2, 2006
I WAS in a Korean restaurant one night, in Murrumbeena, in the company of a long-retired abalone poacher who noted the place was full of Asian students.

Abalone 'pirate' Jailed And Banned

Tuesday August 9, 2005
VICTORIAN fisheries authorities yesterday applauded a judge's decision to reject a plea for freedom by an abalone poacher. David Campbell Strachan

Abalone Poacher Vows Decades Of Plunder Are Over

Tuesday August 2, 2005
AUSTRALIA'S worst abalone pirate yesterday lowered his flag to a Melbourne judge, promising he had changed his plundering ways. David Campbell Strachan's

Mort In Familiar Stw Territory

Thursday June 16, 2005
When advertising gamekeeper turns poacher, the masters of the universe watch closely.

Abalone Poacher Stole $100,000 Boat, Court Told

Saturday May 21, 2005
AUSTRALIA'S most notorious abalone poacher, David Campbell Strachan, was refused bail yesterday on a charge of stealing a $100,000 boat.

Senior Taxman Played 'gamekeeper And Poacher'

Wednesday April 27, 2005
FORMER assistant tax commissioner Nick Petroulias yesterday was accused of being both gamekeeper and poacher when, from 1997-99, he issued about 70 private binding tax rulings.

Fraud Trial Told Of Tax Officer's Double Dealing

Wednesday April 27, 2005
The former assistant tax commissioner Nick Petroulias was accused yesterday of being both gamekeeper and poacher when, from 1997 to 1999, he issued about 70 private binding tax rulings.

The Ex-larrikin Now A Grand Prix Big Wheel

Sunday February 27, 2005
TIM SCHENKEN is a poacher turned gamekeeper. As clerk of the course for the Australian Grand Prix, he is responsible for the safe functioning of the Albert Park circuit.

Jail Yet Again For A Serial Abalone Poacher Driven 'by Greed'

Saturday December 11, 2004
A hundred convictions have not dented David Strachan's appetite for contraband, writes Steve Butcher.

Enslaved Woman Doubts She'll Recover

Sunday May 9, 2004
The woman enslaved by abalone poacher Graeme Slattery between 1996 and 1999 doubts she will ever recover from her ordeal.

Authorities Failed Children: Slave Woman's Ex-husband

Tuesday March 2, 2004
The former husband of a woman kept as a slave in a Warrnambool garage has criticised authorities, saying bungled handling of complaints about his children's mistreatment led to the continuation of their abuse by abalone poacher Graeme Slattery.

Slave-claim Woman `felt Like Dog'

Thursday February 12, 2004
A woman who says she was kept as a slave broke down yesterday as she told a jury that she was treated ``worse than a dog" by a Warrnambool abalone poacher.

Poacher Made Woman His Slave: Qc

Friday February 6, 2004
Raped and degraded and beaten daily, a mother of two became a slave to an abalone poacher's every whim, a jury heard yesterday.

Customs Shows Off One Of Its Fast Movers

Friday January 30, 2004
You don't have to be a suspected drug runner, people smuggler or poacher to see inside a customs border protection boat this weekend.

Notorious Poacher Held After Raids On Homes

Friday December 19, 2003
Australia's most notorious abalone poacher, David Campbell Strachan, was arrested yesterday during raids targeting an alleged Victorian organised crime syndicate.

Rough Sea Swim To Save Poacher Honoured

Thursday December 18, 2003
Victorian fisheries officer Rod Barber yesterday was one of 22 recipients of Royal Humane Society of Australasia medals or merit certificates for acts of bravery in saving lives.

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